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February 4, 2013

Snow Day - the Goose Edition

We are still swarmed in snow. Snow snow snow and more snow. Snow everywhere. No one is happy. Well. I gotta say the geese are not unhappy.

We had a couple days where it was just too cold to handle. One day the windchill barely made it above 0* So everyone - including the geese were cooped up. But yesterday's heatwave - a heady 26* - allowed the bold to flippityflop directly out and into the snow.  They loved it.

The geese don't mind the cold weather a bit. Someone asked me once if it was OK for the geese to be out in the snow. Um... I know someone with an expedition level sleeping bag rated for -20*. Guess what it's filled with? Yep. Goose down. These geese are just fine at 26* and fluffy snow.

Chores are a bit easier on snowy days. About 3:30pm the turkeys and the chickens pretty much give it up and put themselves to bed. These geese tho.... I usually have to chase them around.

Today we have another round of snow coming. Then there will be more snow. Anybody else sick of this white stuff?

Happy Monday everyone!