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February 2, 2013

Smoked Duck and Bacon Hash

That's what we had for blunch today.... it was really great.

Bacon - from the yard.
Duck - smoked it a while ago
Taters - home grown and canned

Not too bad for throwing together from whatever we had on hand.  I started with a cold skillet, rendered the fat from the bacon, added onions and celery then cooked them down. Then I added a quart jar of home canned taters and a handful of smoked duck (that had been previously portioned and frozen). After the liquid cooked off (I should have drained the potatoes better) I just fried everything until crisp, dished it out,  and added a plop of sour cream. It was very delicious.

It would have had an egg but the hennies have been cooped up for two days and dont tend to lay well as such. Today tho they are roaming free in the snow and we grabbed up their eggs as soon as they laid them. Tomorrow my smoked duck and bacon hash will have a nice fresh, poached egg on top.

Today it is snowing. A lot. It hasn't really stopped all day.

Anybody else having a lazy day and late blunch?

Happy Saturday everyone!