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January 17, 2013

Winter Worries

Winter worries are different than summer worries, don't you think?  During the summer I worry about the farm animals flopping over dead from the heat - or not getting enough water. Or I worry about the garden and I definitely worry about not having enough time to get the projects done.

Radishes. Cause no worries.

I think the big difference between winter and summer worries is that in summer you can actually DO something about your worries. We can take action to get everyone cooled down, or water the garden, or do something to make things grow, work, or thrive. Winter tho... winter is a whole other ball of wax.

We don't have the kind of searing cold that freezes livestock in their shelters or in the pasture - so we are only mildly concerned with the weather. And heaven knows that we can withstand a big snow storm or two and that's nothing like a "land hurricane" coming to ruin and destroy our little farm. We know that everyone has enough food and such. So aside from making sure everyone is fed and happy - there isn't really anything to do.

Everyone's comfort frees me to worry about......everything that could happen. And there is not one thing I  can do about it.

No concern about this lovely dahlia.

During the winter I think about all the work I'll have to do in the spring, everything that needs to be planted, weeded, fixed, moved, re-fenced, re-seeded, re-stocked, tilled, mowed, and painted. I worry if I'll have time to get that post re-set on the wonky gate. Or if I can get enough land cleared before the poison ivy takes over or the blackberries over-grow everything, or if the pond will stay full.

And I stare endlessly at the goats trying to figure out if they were bred, how many babies they will have and when, and if we will have enough milk or feeding and cheese making and making all kinds of things. I worry about the hennies and if they are slowing down their egg production because of the season or if they are past their laying prime. I worry if that one little hen will ever get over her bad molt and get back to business. I worry if I'll have any hatchlings this year - unlike last summer.

My garden hat stares at me accusingly... wondering why we don't get outside and work.

I really don't like this down time. All I do is sit around and worry and wonder about things that I can't do one thing about. I know earlier I was saying "where is winter?" but I think I've moved on to "where is spring?" I just can't keep sitting around wondering and worrying. I need to take action.

Well. There is only one thing to do. I'm going to try and make croissants. Carry on, everyone. I'm just going to bake myself happy today.

Happy Thursday! Is it just me or does anyone else have the "winter worries?"