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January 10, 2013

Warmer Weather and Sandwiches

We are expecting the weirdest weather ever in the next couple of days. Instead of looking like the Ice Planet Hoth... we are going to have spring storms and temperatures in the 50*'s and 60*'s! I know its a false spring but its kinda nice to have all the hoses running and not to slide all over the ice.

Unfortunately tho, when we have these weird weather swings I usually end up under the weather. So me and Nicholas are holding down the couch today.

But nothing perks a person up more than a baked sandwich. So I made some. I've also got some chicken stock going on the stove. Tuesday we had a meat chicken day harvest and had incredible results. I don't think we'll be able to finish up tho. I need another day if sitting around.

Me, a hot sandwich, a mug of chicken stock, and Nicholas. That's what I've got going on today.

Happy Thursday everyone! Is your weather normal?