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January 18, 2013

The Great Beet Crisis of 2013

This is it. The very last jar of my home canned beets.

I'll soon be beetless. Then what? Wandering around aimlessly looking for some kind of beet substitute? It won't be the same.

I love beets and I don't care who knows it. I love everything about beets. The greens. The beets themselves. Watching them grow.... they are perfect. Easy to grow, multi-purpose, and lovely.

Lately I've been eating them in a salad with a lot of homemade ranch dressing, iceberg lettuce, and black pepper. Today will probably be my last beet salad. Dang.

Come on... where is that spring?

Oh well. Looks like I'll have Complicated Pastry Day Part Two. Yesterday's Part One was epic. I dominated the first day of making both croissant and puff pastry dough. I hope it works out. I'll need to drown my beetless sorrows in complicated pastries.

Happy Friday everyone!  Anyone else on their last home canned jar of something?