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January 25, 2013

Snow Day 2013

Finally! We got a little snow to go along with our bitter cold. Yesterday was our first real snow day of 2013.

This little hen, one of my favorites, was unsure of the white stuff.

The dusting we got gave everyone something to talk about. Today, tho, we should be in for another snow - up to 4 inches which is kind of big news around here.

Easy Nibbles, no need to hurry!

Nibbles couldn't be stopped from waddling on down to get some pine needles.

I think she looks pretty good. I'm guessing 3 babies this year.

And the runner ducks weren't exactly running but they thought the snow was pretty good.

Runners, not running.

Speaking of ducks. Would your look at this handsome drake! He's here temporarily - he's on his way to someone else but my lady duck just thinks he is the most handsome guy she's every seen. I think he's striking.

You know who you are, look at this dandy!

Of course the dogs loved the snow. I wanted to show my friend, SD, how long Zander's legs are getting. He's very tall these days. Our Bubby is getting very, very big.

Zander and Ti love the snow.

Our beautiful Kai made a funny snow face.

Isn't she funny with her tongue hanging out? Kai! Such a goof.

Happy Friday everyone! Are you having a snow day?