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January 26, 2013

How about a little petit déjeuner?

Croissants. Nailed it.

Any body want to come on over for a little chocolat chaud  and some croissants? It's what's for breakfast.

Finally! I solved the mystery of the complicated pastries. They are light, flaky, and buttery - not bread-like last ones but these are the real deal.  

Thanks to my pal, K, who sent me this excellent video on how to make croissants, I think I got the hang of it.

As I expected from my earlier near miss, I needed to be much more careful in how I rolled out the dough. I used my Never Wrong to make sure it was rolled to 10 inches by 20 inches. I also made sure that I brushed the extra flour from the dough before I folded it.

I found this extra fun video which explained the process even more.  How great is this girl?  At first I couldn't place her accent but then I clicked around on her site - she's from Brazil. She is super fun.

In addition to the plain croissants I also made a few apple pastries....

...and some chocolate croissants ones as well.

I don't know what you are doing today but I'm sitting around having hot chocolate and croissants.

Happy Saturday everyone!