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January 6, 2013

Hope Springs

This morning I notice a little hope springing up from what's left of our snow....

This is the wheat that I planted down in the the old hog lot at the end of November. The best thing about winter wheat is that it needs just the tiniest amount of sunlight and warmth to grow. Ever so slowly but it grows.

Honestly I didn't think the seed was any good so it was a risk but I'm absolutely thrilled that it sprouted.

Remember that my wheat project from last summer was really successful. I was able to feed my hennies for most of the summer from just a small-ish patch of wheat.

The big pigz from this summer completely tilled down the hog lot and was it in danger of being a big muddy mess thru the winter. So at the very last minute I got this wheat in the ground.

Once it really takes root and starts growing I'll let the hennies into the lot. My goal is make this area pasture for the goats. I'm not sure if I'll let the wheat ripen as I'll need to replant this area with a pasture mix pretty early in the growing season. But we'll see. I'm just glad to see a little life out there.

Happy Sunday everyone!