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January 24, 2013

Gato Diablo. He's Real.

You might have wondered where I came up with the character, Gato Diablo, in my Adventure Tails. Here he is...

Its true. He's real. His name really is Gato Diablo. And he's crazy. Like looney-toons crazy. Like out of his mind crazy. As in totally batsh*t crazy.

Gato is our basement kitty.  We make no excuses for him. But we love him anyway.

His best friend is Moose (who is "Moose the White" in the most recent tail, The Horn of Battle Part 3) Gato hates everyone else. Unfortunately he is extremely predatorial so we need to keep him away from the rest of The Insane Posse. Sometimes he makes a escape and there is a wild chase to catch him before he does too much damage. One time tho, our Sweet Peep stood her ground and Gato got a nasty scratch. We think that made him even more nuts.

Gato has an interesting story. Some folks found him as a very young kitten in a parking lot and they pawned him The Big Man. Mostly things went pretty well for Gato until I showed up with my old lady cats. Then it all went downhill. Too many women for him.

Once Gato made an escape and ended up in a pickle. The Big Man came home from work and couldn't find Gato. He looked high and low. Then my husband looked up high again and found Gato in the gutter of the second story of the Old Farm house. Some how that crazy cat got out of the house,  up on the roof, tumbled down the slate roof, and landed face up in the gutter. He was totally wedged in and could not get out.

The Big Man got the tallest ladder we had and scooped Gato out of the gutter. Anyone who has had to retrieve a terrified cat from a high place knows this is not easy task. It's almost a good thing that Gato  got stuck because this second story drop was a long, long way down. However, it was a hot day and that poor cat was probably there for a good long while. Thankfully, aside from being dehydrated and a little scared, he was OK. It may have made him a little more crazy tho.

So that's our basement kitty - any body else have a crazy basement cat?

Happy Thursday everyone!