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January 23, 2013

Beet Relief and Cold. Ice Cold.

I'm so excited! We visited some friends and not only did I have a terrific time.... I got some beet relief. 

My salad was superdeluxe today because of beets given in friendship. You know who you are - thank you VERY much. I think I'll be able to make it now.

I needed some extra sustenance because oh baby, its COLD out there. We've had extreme windchill warnings since yesterday. This was the first day that all the water buckets were frozen solid. Now that is cold.

When we went out for chores this morning we had to bust all of the ice out of the buckets. I had a pile of ice when I was done.

No one was outside today - there was no sense in letting any of the barnyard animals out. The dogs only got to go out for a few minutes at a time. So far so good. The only ones we are kind of worried about were the barncats and they are the toughest of the lot! Even so we set up a warm spot for them. We hung a heat lamp safely above the chair where they have been sleeping in the garage. I don't think they moved the whole day.

This cold weather reminds me about some tips for extreme cold weather livestock care. This post is from a couple years ago and this is how we manage.

Happy Wednesday everyone! Are you keeping warm? Did you have to bust all the ice out of your buckets today?