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December 5, 2012

How To Feed Out A Pig Cheaply

Over the last couple weeks there has been an explosion of folks searching for information on "How to feed a pig" and "How to feed a pig cheaply" and "What to feed a pig."  And thanks to the folks at "the Pinterest" some of my posts have been passed around, or "repinned."

People love this pig picture... all I see is bacon in the makin'.

I don't know if all of this new interest is because of the pending "Ham-amageddon" and possible bacon shortage that is forecasted for next year...or if everyone just saw my pal, Duncan's, spectacular follow up post on his home made bacon.

Whatever the reason I thought I'd pull together some of my top pig feeding posts in one spot. You really can grow out your own pigz on the cheap. Not only will "eating local" mean from your back yard, but you can control what them pigz eat resulting a quality product and the satisfaction of a job well done. Of course, you can also just find a local producer if the Home Owners Association object.

My best "How to Feed Pigs" posts:

How to grow out feeder pigs - on the cheap. Part One. Reminds you that pigz can be big mean and dangerous. So be prepared before you launch into your own pork growing adventure.

How to grow out feeder pigs - on the cheap. Part Two. Talks about the nitty gritty of what to feed and how much. And how to do it without breaking the piggy bank.

Whatcha feedin' them pigz. Talks about the tidy circle of thrift on the farm - how putting your feed dollars toward your dairy critters pays off for everyone. Feed the goats well and they will produce milk for the chickens, who lay eggs, which can be fed for the hogs. And pour on all that milk for the hogs and you have a double dip in dairy efficiency.  Start making cheese and its a 3 part win for everyone. Don't forget the use them pigz to do your tilling and clearing. Fence in those pigz back in your deepest thicket - they'll clear the land and feed themselves so you don't have to.

What I'm feeding the pigz today. Don't forget to grow your own fodder for the pigz. My turnip project this year was a hit right out of the park. Turnips are a triple threat - greens and the roots for the livestock...and yourself. Its a great project that really pays off.

So there you go. Now you are ready to start planning for next year. Is everyone excited about growing their own pork? I know I am... last nite we had a stunning pork and two-tater stew. I may hate them pigz but I love the pork.

Happy Wednesday everyone! Now run over the "the Pinterest" and start repinning this - we can get this Grow Your Own revolution kicked into high gear! Pork shortage? What pork shortage? We can do this ourselves!