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December 11, 2012

Crazy Poultry

All of my birds are crazy. Absolutely nuts, if I were to tell you the truth. I think it's because of all the warm days we've had. They might think its spring.

She was giving that "other" turkey the stink eye.

This is Runner, one of my favorite turkey hens. She spent all day "fighting" a new turkey who had moved into her turf. It was an epic battle. She strutted and displayed and snarled and pecked the tarnation right off that other hen.

Who was of course just her reflection in the bumper of the truck.

See how Runner is all puffed up and has her tail displayed?

Last nite I went out to find my other turkey hen strutting around and displaying at her arch nemisis... the wood pile. Something about that fire wood just didn't set right with her and she was fit to be tied.

And then there's the geese. They are always nuts but more so lately. OD, the main gander, has been trying to get ahold of me the last couple of nites. As I'm trying to close their coop door he snakes out his neck, hissing at me, and tries to grab my leg. I have a scar on my arm to prove that he bites pretty hard. The dog doesn't like OD's new game at all. There could be a tussle if that crazy goose keeps it up.

Ganders in the tub. Cindy looks on in wonderment.

Today we are getting a break from the rain - but that just means there's tons of mud. No one is happy but the ducks and they think its great. It's a big flippity, floppity good time out there for them.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

ps Oh! and check it out... I added a new link along the top between "What I know about pigs" and the new store called, "Not Entirely Fiction."  I put all my adventure tails there - linking them at the end of the stories was getting a little complicated. And don't worry, FF, I'm working on Part 3 of The Horn of Battle.