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November 1, 2012

Scenes from the first snow day

We are still getting the rain and cold from what is left of SuperDuper Storm Sandy... in fact we had snow the first day! Luckily we didn't get the high winds but it has been a misery out there. Barely rain with a tinge of snow waiting to form.. and windchills that are keeping most of the clucks in the hen house.

The dogs, however, thought it was the best thing ever. Zander nearly lost his mind running around in the snow.  My #1, of course, could only think about the ball he found.

We cranked up the wood stove and predictably were swarmed by cats. Soon a heap of grey cats formed to the right of the fire. Nicholas is almost as big as Itty Bitty and Little Mo put together!

As for me... there has been a lot of sloth lately. And a lot of baking. Fresh bread, butter, and some late planted radishes are the perfect snack for all this sitting around.

Anybody else glad for the first snow day - if only so that we can finally sit down?  I'm going to work on putting my canning stuff away. Or maybe I'll just keep sitting around.

Happy Thursday everyone!