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November 5, 2012

Quick and Easy Pumpkin Bread

Just so everyone know... this whole time change thing doesn't make morning feel any later... at all. Good thing I have a nice warm slice of pumpkin bread to keep me company on this early morning.

Doesn't everyone love quick breads? And perfect for this time of year. I was looking for an easy pumpkin bread and found this recipe here. Which was exactly what I needed because I only had about a cup of pumpkin puree left over from something else.

Technically it was butternut squash. I'm not so sure pumpkin vs squash makes a whole heap of difference so use whatcha got. You can see how to cook down a pumpkin (or squash) here. I'll be cooking down a couple of these bad bad boys today. 

The only thing I did differently in this recipe was, of course, I cut the sugar...and also I don't have vegetable oil so I just used melted butter. Otherwise this is a quick and easy say to enjoy some fall goodness. I toasted a slice and had a little cream cheese with it this morning. Extra easy and extra delish!

Happy Monday everyone! Anyone else making some quick breads?