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November 17, 2012

Meat Pie!

It's meat! It's pie! It's meat pie! All my favorite things all in one place! Are you kidding?

My pal, Ken, over at Living the Life in Saint-Aignan posted a glorious Savory Swiss Chard Pie the other day. When I saw it I just new I had to try it. And how easy peasy!

I had to make a few adjustments because I didn't have any already cooked chicken or ham. So I decided to tweak the recipe and use ground pork. I browned about a pound of ground pork, added onions, swiss chard, and the all important pinch of nutmeg. I don't know why but that nutmeg really gives this savory pie some oomph.

I turned the browned meat and chard mixture into a bowl to cool slightly while I found the cheese and eggs. I didn't think it needed any olive oil because the ground pork had plenty of fat in it so I just used a glug of cream instead. Then I just mixed in the eggs and cheese, salt and pepper to taste and the filling was done. I did not use any rice.

The best thing I did was follow Ken's instruction to use an egg wash on the top crust. I usually don't do this but it made the lard crust even more extraordinary. I chose to use an all lard vs half lard/half butter on the crust because I knew the savory filling could handle the taste. And the crust turned out incredibly flaky. Add the extra crispness from the egg wash and this crust was spectacular.

I think meat pie is my new favorite thing. And yes. It's a breakfast food.

Happy Saturday everyone! Now go make meat pie!