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November 20, 2012

Meat Day Happy Snaps

Meat Day continues again today... but first a few happy snaps of what happened yesterday.

One of the belly, or middle sections of one of the halves of pork - these were much bigger than the first pork last month. What a difference a month makes in growing! And yes I did a horrible job of skinning this side. But I still got tons of fat to be rendered.

This time I saved the caul fat to make a country style pate...with so much liver. Whoot!

Soon to be bacon. See how I cut away the bacon from the ribs?

This side of the belly turned out perfectly and this belly piece is just stunning! And the ribs turned out pretty good too!

And look at this "naturally rolled" pancetta! Thats my biggest chef knife - see how big this piece is? This is part of the belly that just naturally curled and it makes a super pancetta. I just cure this round piece and hang it as it - I don't use a flat belly piece and then roll it. I'm very excited about how beautifully this turned out.

Loin chops waiting to be bagged up. Having small portions like this makes dinner a breeze. These defrost in no time and are pre-portioned for supper.  Each of those stacks is a dinner portion...and you know, for breakfast the next morning too. They easily fit in gallon freezer bags.

I've got another ham and both shoulders to work on today. However we have extremely mild weather and I really need to get outside for a bit. I might do a little work inside and finish up with the grinding tomorrow.

Happy Tuesday everyone!