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November 14, 2012

Little Buddy

Just the other day I was outside at this time - in shorts and a tshirt. I spent the morning digging the last of the taters and hauling firewood up the hill. Splitting the firewood seemed a little pointless as I was hot and sweating....and now this. It's 21* this morning! That firewood is making a toasty fire. I think today may be a sit around by the fire day.....with all these cats.

Nicholas and Little Mo know how to snuggle in. Nicholas keeps a careful watch on his best buddy, Little Mo. They are the most unlikely of friends. Nicholas is a stone cold killer and Little Mo was the world's worst barncat incapable of slaying anything but my heart. His cuteness is his superpower. Mo has nothing to fear when Nicholas is watching out for him.

That's the way grey boys, just snuggle in and we'll all enjoy the fire.

Happy Wednesday everyone! Anybody else got a snuggle buddy by the fire?