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November 23, 2012

Did you gobble? Did you wobble?

Hope everyone had a great turkey day! Did everyone gobble until you wobbled?

[Still no picture here. Sadly]


Hey! I think I might have resolved that picture situation. Lemme monkey around with it and I'll letcha know. But check it out! But let me know if you see a picture of Zander crashed out on his bed at the bottom of this....
Thanks for everyone's support about the comments and also for the suggestions for my picture-less situation. I'm working on a solution. Looks like lots of folks are running into this same thing. While I can't blame "The Google" for wanting to make some money.... I was kinda mad that I had no warning at all. I had a great update post about the creepy meats and when I tried to upload some pix... nothing.

I think there are a bunch of us who may have started blogging about the same time. So I'm happy to give everyone a heads up that you may be next. I'm not sure how to check how much spaces you've used.... but once you are full you are full! So rats.

[Normally I'd put a picture of rats here... but I can't]


Usually I like the day after Thanksgiving better than the actual Turkey Day. I love leftovers and nothing is better than a turkey sandwich. Unless its a smoked pork roast sandwich and I can tell you that is going to be great.

[Imagine a fabulous pork sandwich picture here]

And the only thing better than that is pie. So much pie.....  I'm having this pie for breakfast. Its stupendous. The dogs have been pigging out also. On so many trimmings from our recent pork harvest. My hands continuously smell like meat from all the processing I'm doing. The dogs think I smell like love.  And they are meat drunk.

Unfortunately today is a normal work day for us so I've been up for a while. This morning I'm making special liver meat balls, a country style pate (with tons of liver, and working on the last of the lard.

Happy Post Turkey Day everyone!  Gobble gobble!