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October 24, 2012

Wednesday Happy Snaps

I'm really enjoying the new camera!  Here are a few happy snaps from around the farm.

 Nibbles could be grazing but she's eating out of the wheelbarrow instead.

Just last weekend we had a fire and were snuggled inside trying to stay warm but summer briefly returned at its been just beautiful. Almost 80* today!

My poor crazy turkey hen, Runner. She always molts this time of year. She looks hideous.

We found an apple tree in our yard! Down where we've been clearing. It actually had fruit this year.

Pretty Dahli in a rare moment of not being ridiculous.

Lucky always sleeps curled up like a baby. He was giving me cute looks the other day.

and Nicholas strikes a pose for Chai Chai....

Happy Wednesday everyone! Is anyone else going to be outside today? I got a new rake and tons of leaves to use it on!