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October 10, 2012

Looks like meat's back on the menu, boys!

Probably one of my favorite movie quotes ever - and all that I could think about when the post called me this morning.  Look what show up today! Its the Winter Creepy Meats!

All the little meats are bellied up to the Meat Bar for some sips.

I got a great deal from Meyer Hatchery - 25 meat chicks for just about $20. They were part of a "Weekly Special" and it was a bargain for sure. Sign up for their email notifications to catch great sales like this while they last. I really like Meyer - they have great service and superfast delivery. 

These little guys will be in the house for a couple days - but not for weeks like last year! No sir, I have a coup in the turkey house all ready for them. The only reason they aren't in a peeping heap outside is that we are going to have our coldest night tonite. So they'll stay warm and safe long as I can keep all of these over-interested cats out of the basement.

Happy Wednesday everyone! Anybody else get a heapin', peepin' box of fun today?