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October 11, 2012

Last Harvest Supper

We had another cold night and I think the news is going to call it "the end of the growing season" now. Its a good thing I brought in as much as I could from the garden the other day. I covered up a few things and I hope they made it last nite but it was below 30* until about 9am.

Grill cam!

In honor of the last big harvest I made a special meal. You'll recall that we didn't send any of the hams out to be smoked and cured by our local butcher. While it would never make sense for us to do a whole-hog-roast... I tried my hand at one of the huge roasts from our recent hog harvest. It was a huge success!

Roast cam! Oh.. it was delicious...

The roast was about 5 or 6 pounds and was from the hind leg.. some call this a "fresh ham" and you can order one from your butcher. All I did was salt and peppered it really well and then sprinkled with thyme and shoved in a few cloves of garlic, fired up the charcoal grill, and cooked it over indirect heat. I had no idea if it would take all day or 3 hours. It ended up taking about 4 hours and it turned out perfect. It even had the pink "smoke ring" just under the layer of fat! I figured Steven Raichlen would be proud. 

Smokey beans - so easy!

Since I had all those lovely coals going I decided to make some smokey beans as well. I took a couple of jars of my home canned beans (one horticulture and one black bean) and fixed them up with some bacon, onions, peppers, molasses, and home made stock. Then I just let them simmer along with the roast for the last hour or so.
The apples turned caramelized and smokey on the grill. Perfect!

And since I needed some dessert I peeled and cut up some apples and put them in a sturdy pan with butter and brown sugar. They happily caramelized with the roast also. The best part about this supper? Most of it came from my yard.

Today I'll be making some crusty bread and we'll have roast pork sandwiches for the rest of the week. Having a meal like this on the last big harvest day was a great reward for all our hard work this summer.

Happy Thursday everyone! Anybody else having a harvest supper?