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October 26, 2012

Frankenstorm Preps

Good golly would you look at the weather map! East Side friends, do you have your storm preps ready? Seems like next week is going to be a dilly for sure.

I've been following the predictions for the upcoming "Perfect Storm" where Hurricane Sandy will meet up with that big cold front coming from the north....and it looks like the East Coast is going to be smack dab in the middle of it.

I admit that I didn't pay attention to that movie about The Perfect Storm a while ago....but apparently this "cold vs hurricane" happened before in 1991...but that storm happened out over the Atlantic. Sandy vs the Snow is going to happen on land as far as the predictions can tell...... which could be bad for everyone along the Atlantic seaboard and as far inland as us here in Ohio.

Depending on where Sandy makes landfall there could be snow here or in Pennsylvania....and at the same time we could be having the hurricane winds! For heavens sakes.

Which ever model comes true the fact is if you are in the East, or have family and friends there, make sure they are making their storm preps. Not only is this storm going to have all the hallmarks of a Hall of Fame storm - wind, power outages, flooding.... it could be a big money storm with damage already being estimated at $1 billion!

There's always some clown who makes fun of people who take the "better safe than sorry" position. Those were the people who were lined up around the block thinking fast food was going to save them.... while the rest of us breezed thru that storm in style. So get your preps in order and help folks you know do the same.

While I think its kinda funny that everyone is already wailing that Halloween will be ruined....and not about the potentially billion dollar storm.... I checked my records and it seems that the end of October is prime storm season (you can clink that link too for more storm prep tips). And don't forget that big snow that happened last year also. So maybe we shouldn't be so altogether surprised.

After this summer's big power outage we were lucky to get a good generator... so I think our preps will be limited to normal stuff like getting buckets of water ready for the barnyard, getting the laundry done, making sure we have plenty of feed for the critters, and making sure we have plenty of wood for heating the house. We have plenty of groceries, the trucks are full of gas, and we are set for batteries and such. So even tho we aren't going to bear the brunt of the storm we'll be ready just in case.

So is everyone ready? Got your storm preps done?

Happy Friday everyone!