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October 18, 2012

Exclusive Self Portrait With New Camera!

My new camera arrived! I was literally stalking the mail guy yesterday - what a great day!  So to celebrate the fancy new camera I present to you this exclusive self portrait....

OFG, Self Portrait

Oh come one guys, you know that I don't post pictures of part of the terms of my Witness Protection Agreement when I left the DEA, of course. Ahem.

View down the hill to the pond.

I grabbed some other happy snaps with my shiny new Canon PowerShot SX150. I scored a great deal on this camera on Amazon and they shipped it right out. After a moment of disappointment - it didn't come with a memory card - I was able to snag out one of another device. I'm sure The Big Man will never notice its gone. So far I just love my new camera!

Debbie steppin' out. Could be newly pregnant.

This is the fanciest camera I've ever owned. I have a history of breaking things so I've only ever had cheap cameras. So bets are actively being taken on exactly when I'm either going to leave it outside in the rain or drop it in a water bucket. I've already made peace with the fact that it will eventually be ruined but for now I'm cuddling it lovingly.

The macro setting gives stunning results.

The entirety of my "new camera research" included walking into one of those electronic BuyMore places and looking at their "on sale" cameras. My requirements were "not expensive, macro settings, and at least 10x zoom." This model has 12x zoom and was a good price. Unfortunately, after nillynallying around for 30 minutes trying to decide which camera I wanted, it turned out they didn't have this one in stock and they couldn't even order it for me. And no I did not want the floor model or $10 off the retail price. So that's why I ordered it online. 

My Commander Zander FoeHammer Hannibal Bonecrusher. The Black Death.

I spent the better part of yesterday afternoon taking about 300 pictures and I have to say, I'm thrilled with the results. I'm not an artist at all and most of my pictures are just lucky shots. So I'm glad to have a camera that makes me look good.

Happy Thursday everybody!  Is everyone taking happy snaps today?