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September 14, 2012

What the Pigz Are Up To

About 180lbs I think.....
Pigz helping me with the pepper processing yesterday - they loved the trimmings.

Actually they are doing great. This is some good lookin' pork for sure. These are the pigz that fell from heaven back in late April. Zander still hates them.

Former fair-pig, now roots for a living.

They finally got over their prissy fair-pig ways and figured out that rooting is the best thing ever. They are dozing up the hog lot for sure.

"Please send me to my bacon destiny!" Pretty sure that's what this one is saying.

On a cool mornings soon, one of these beauties will be going to their just reward. And there will be bacon... oh yes, there will bacon.

And now.. even more peppers. I think I have enough for another round of salsa.  That's what I'm working on today. Happy Friday everyone!