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September 12, 2012

What I'm Feeding the Pigz today

Technically this is what I fed the pigz the other day...but this is pretty typical. And this is what I risk life and limb for out there past the gate.

I guess we could call this the salad cart for the pigz! I loaded up Little Red with all kinds of stuff from the front field. This was the last of the too short corn, some broom corn (sorghum), tall grass and some weeds, a stray pumpkin, and a handful of turnips.

The turnips are just lovely and the pigz really go for the tops. I'm pretty sure they eat the roots too but I can't entirely tell once the feeding frenzy starts. These turnips aren't very big but the greens are about knee high. And technically these are ones that I've thinned from the rows so the bigger turnips can just keep growing.

Along with this "salad' the big pigz have been getting a 5 gallon bucket full of apples every day. My orchard friends have been so generous - I stop by their place Tuesday and Thursdays and they load me up with tons of fruit they can't sell. Aside from the salad and fruit courses...and a few scoops of feed corn here and there, the big pigz will get some eggs now and then.  But really they are doing a great job of rooting up their hog yard. This is helping me tremendously. As soon as they are out of that yard, I'll easily  be able to do one or two quick passes with the tiller and get some winter wheat planted.

The little pigz are still getting a lot of corn and milk, but when we dry off the goats pretty soon here - those little oinkers are going to have to work a little harder for their food.  They've been doing some rooting but they'll figure out pretty quick that the fastest way to a full belly is thru their snout - by rooting in the woods.

The mornings have been spectacular lately. folks - just like heaven. I'd better get to it.

Happy Wednesday everyone! Are you feeding your pigz a trolley full of salad?