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September 18, 2012

Taking Down the Big Sunflowers

I couldn't wait any longer and spent yesterday taking down the big sunflower garden. I hated doing it because it was my favorite garden.  But it was time to clear out that space so I can start mulching it with barnyard litter in preparation for next year.

These sunflower heads were were huge! (my glove for scale)

The heads were bigger than I originally thought! Most of the seeds had been picked clean by the finches and such. I gave the heads and the stalks to the pigz. They loved the leaves.

Soon. Soon there will be a pie.

I found one fun surprise lurking in the weeds - this big butternut will make an excellent pie one day.

The good news is that the latest planted turnips are doing great. I spend some time weeding and also thinning the just-started-turnips. I ended up with a 5 gallon bucket of tops for the chickens and then a second mostly full bucket for the pigz. That $2 total I spent on 2 packages of turnip seeds so far this year has really paid fact, I think this has been one of our best projects ever.

We finally got some much needed rain - the slow and steady kind of soaking rain that it going to get my alfalfa seeds growing like mad. Soon I'll provide our plan and updated pix of the new alfalfa field. In the meantime, looks like its going to be an inside day with lots of muddy dogs.

Happy Tuesday everyone!