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September 17, 2012

Putting Up Peppers and Corn

I'm still digging my way out from under all those baskets of peppers I scored last week. Luckily I'm down to the last 2 or 3 peppers after making even more salsa and freezing some peppers.

It really is this easy, clean, slice, blanch, cool... bag them up!

Freezing peppers is the easiest way keep some of that lovely summer flavor alive thru the year. Just wash and trim the peppers, slice as you like, blanch in the biggest pot of boiling water you have, cool quickly...then bag them up. I really love Pick Your Own's easy peasy instructions here. The best part of putting up peppers like this is that you can do this with a lot of peppers... or just a few. These sweet bell peppers will find their way into stir fries, nachos, and pasta sauces all winter long.

Grilling is easier for me and doesn't steam up the house.
Putting up sweet corn is just as easy. We don't use much corn over the winter - mostly just a handful here and there in stews, chicken and noodles, and such like that. I like to grill the corn on the cobs, cut off the kernels, then just bag them up.

Plus...who doesn't love roasted corn?

I was not a huge believer in all this pre-cooking until I saw for myself that it makes a difference in the quality of the frozen foods. Quick cooking veggies before you freeze them kills off enzymes that ruin the quality of the produce over time - even in the freezer.

A couple dozen ears is all we need for the year.

One of the things we buy at the store is frozen veggies - specifically the "three pepper and onion blend" in bags. This year we're hoping to walk right by the frozen veggie section of our local store...and just get what we need out of our freezer. Those frozen veggies may be just 10 for $10 on sale.. but I can tell you that I paid a lot less for those pecks of peppers. And with this easy and fast way to freeze peppers at home, why wouldn't I just save all that money and enjoy doing it myself?

Looks like rain tomorrow so I'll be working on weeding and tending the fall gardens today. Happy Monday everyone!