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September 23, 2012

Canning Green Beans

Is everyone canning green beans? I got a great deal on a beautiful bushel of green beans from an Amish neighbor. They were stunning....

I got two half bushes boxes just like this - for a total of $17.

Canning green beans is as easy as washing and trimming them.....

These long beans were a breeze to trim. No one grows them like our Amish neighbors.

Cutting them into one inch pieces......and then pressure canning them.

Seven quarts fit into my pressure canner - yesterday I had both of my canners going.

Easy peasy and we'll have green bean goodness for the rest of the year. From that bushel I got 14 quarts of beans then I gave away, had for dinner, or blanched and froze the rest of them. I understand from a canning professional that I would have gotten 21 quarts per bushel if I would have processed all of them.

Looks to be a frost tonite - don't forget to take up the last of your tomatoes!