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August 16, 2012

The Best News Story EVER

Did everyone see this yesterday? As long as I live there will never be another news story better than this. Of course they got the headline wrong, it should have been "Scout Leader Mauled by Rabid Beaver" for the most amount of stupid joke making.

Of course, no one is glad that the scout leader was hurt...and we wish him well in his recovery from being attacked by a rabid beaver. And fortunately local health officials say "a rabid beaver attack is unusual."

But the stupid jokes alone make it almost worth it.

Can you imagine the calls home and the parent's reply? If I had a kid calling me up that a rabid beaver attacked a scout leader, I would tell that kid to stay away from bath salts.  And then if that kid said the beaver also went crazy on a pool noodle, I'd tell him to hand the phone to an adult.

That's definitely all the news that's fit to print - and then some.

Happy Thursday everyone!  Any body else got a better news story than that?