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August 10, 2012

Peps and Zucchini

Not a peck but a nice bucket of peppers......  These are mostly Marconi and Hungarian sweet and wax peppers.  The other day I also brought in some lovely Anaheims which became awesome chilies relleons.

And also.... proof that I grew a zucchini. Actually two if you look closely.

I know that some of you are stacking up baseball bat-sized zucchini like cord wood but gosh I just haven't had any luck the last couple years. But this was my year. Yay!

My favorite summer meal is batter dipped, than fried zucchini slices served with tomatoes and corn on the cob. Guess what I'm having for dinner?

After I get these peppers pickled that is....

Happy Friday everyone!  We got a good rain last nite and a cool down we've been waiting for all summer. The windows are open, the canner is fired up, and everyone is happy!