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August 7, 2012

Not about farming: Run. Hide. Fight.

Last week the news had a clip about a safety training video created for the City of Houston. It was made to help employees understand what to do if they were involved in a workplace or mass shooting. The video was created before the Aurora tragedy with the help of Homeland Security but was recently released on youtube.

I gotta tell you, the video is pretty good. Borrowing from the old "stop drop and roll" school of easy-to-remember training this video clearly teaches to Run. Hide. Fight.

A couple things that I liked about it, aside from the basic strategy of getting out of the situation as fast as you can, taking cover and getting out of sight, and of course fighting back - in that order - was that the video reminded people that the first responders to the scene are immediately focused on finding the shooter. I think we all know this but its good to remember that if you are caught up in this situation that you have to rely on yourself first, to stay out of the way of the first responders while they do their job, and to remember that you can be part of the solution.

While no one wants to think something like this would ever happen to them, I think we can all agree that being prepared is the best strategy. Its worth six minutes of your day to watch this video and share it with folks you know.

We'll be back to farming tomorrow, but as I'm sitting here watching the news they are talking about the Arizona shooting involving Gabby Giffords, they opened the news cast with the Sikt temple shooting in WI, and of course we are all still reeling about those folks in Colorado who just wanted to go to a movie one night.  We can't pretend that these situations don't happen.  It makes you wonder what would happen if those folks had this kind of training - its easy to remember: Run. Hide. Fight.

Its a hard thing to think about but we are all in this together so we can do this. Now go watch the video and send it to everyone you know.

Editors note: this is not the place to debate gun control so lets all keep our comments on that to ourselves. Since this is a highly charged topic I'll be keeping a tight reign on the comment moderation so lets stick to things like "great information I'm sending it to everyone I know." Ok?