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August 27, 2012

Fall Planting and Shelling Beans

Someone asked me yesterday if there was still time for fall planting? Sure! There's always time for more planting.  As you know I've been planting turnips like crazy - and I'm also starting some frost-defiant and extra short season growers as well.

I harvested the potatoes in this bed a while ago and now its ready to be planted again.

Greens and radishes can do just fine in a short growing season. And they can be easily covered if we get an early frost. We'll see if the old wives tale about the cicadas is true - there could be a very early frost. Popular lore has it that the first frost will be 90 days after the cicadas start screaming.. I mean.. singing. Our weather guy had a segment on this earlier in the summer. And while their online story says "not to worry" I remember him saying on the newscast that its about "80% accurate."  If that's the case then mid-September could be very interesting around here.

A salad mix and radishes is just the thing to be planted now. Its low risk because all of the seeds were on end of season sale and if we get a couple salads? Super! And at worst I'll just loose a few things in the garden - but if so I'll just give them to the chickens and the pigz. We normally continue the harvest thru October tho so I'm not too worried.

This one $1 package of turnips has yielded about 167,000 turnip sprouts so far.

The Great Pepper War begins again today with hopefully the last round of salsa. But wow! The tomatoes are still coming on. With a rain day promised for today I'll be canning all day.

A lovely bean landscape.

After tomatoes and salsa, I've got some beans to can. I just love these horticulture beans. Not only are they just lovely - they are absolutely delish. I've been soaking a big pan of them in water - and a splash of whey - since last nite.

Now who's still planting for fall? Everyone canning today?  Happy Monday everyone!