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August 11, 2012

Canning Frenzy

This is what a canning frenzy looks like. The kitchen is utterly destroyed. Every surface looks like this.....

 Just some of the 10 gallons of tomatoes I picked yesterday. They'll finish ripening on the counter.

It was cool enough yesterday that we didn't need the air conditioning, but I think the temperature of the kitchen approached "surface of the sun" hot.

The stoves were firing on all cylinders. I love my "Ol' Bessie" stoves... 

The Bubby was completely exhausted by all the activity.

Don't even think about taking his paper towel tube while he's sleeping, sister Kai.

Nicholas was another casualty.

Nicholas takes up the entire dog bed. Lookin' large, Nicholas.

More of the same today. Canning is hell, people. Keep calm and keep canning, we'll get thru this together. Now get in there, clean that kitchen, can more stuff, and remember that our rallying cry is "More jars! We need more jars!"

Happy Saturday!