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August 14, 2012

A couple articles on the drought

I'm heading off to thin turnips this morning... but first a couple articles on the drought.

This first article is pretty thought provoking - its most of the things I've been thinking about. I don't know this blog author but someone posted this on facebook and I thought I'd share. A lot of folks still don't understand why they should care about a little dry corn in The Flyover - but everyone should be aware of how deep this drought is going to impact everyone.

Its important to note that this is all gonna run down hill. While we might be a little mad at higher prices, folks elsewhere in the world are really gonna get the brutal impact if this goes on much longer. And don't think that we are the only ones with "a little dry corn" - other countries have got problems with their harvests also

Even China appears to be worried about the situation. The price on corn on the commodities market is soaring. And remember that a big hunk of the harvest has to be dedicated to fuel... it doesn't seem like such a good idea now, huh?

It looks like the government is going to take some action to help out the farmers. They announced yesterday that they will "speed up" purchasing meat for use later. Maybe they are doing it to help the farmers who can't afford to feed their livestock - or who just don't have any pasture left for their livestock  - or maybe the government is just getting a good price now while they can.

Just some thoughts for today.  Lets all keep an eye on this - maybe some late rains will help us all out but for now its important to see which way this wind blows. As for me I'm doing research on the Dust Bowl and how folks handled it. And I have cookbooks for the 1940's that talk about food rationing during the war - it just wasn't that long ago that this was part of American life. I don't think the current generations have any idea that food shortages are even a possibility. I don't know if its going to happen again, but I'd rather have a better understanding now then be scrambling to find a solution in the midst of a crisis.

Happy Tuesday everyone - are you thining turnips today? Fall planting? Getting alfalfa in?