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July 25, 2012



Good Ol' SwingBlade took one for the team. I'm gonna have to work on this.  I think I mighta whacked a fence post with it. Nearly knocked me silly to tell you the truth.

This is the brush blade for my trusty scythe... that notch in the blade isn't supposed to be there and no amount of sharpening with a stone is gonna get it out. This is some major fixin'.

When I first heard what I'd need to get this scythe blade all fixed up I wasn't having anything to do with it... but then I found out that "peen" is part of, or a type of, a hammer. Good thing too because I wasn't gonna be peein' on anything least of all my farm tools.

I'll get this whipped into shape. Until then we have a spectacularly cool and bright morning here. A heavenly rain fell for a couple hours yesterday and looks to be more on the way tomorrow. We might just all survive this crazy, dry summer.

Happy Wednesday everyone!  Anybody got any tips for me to beat this blade back into shape? Aside from peenin' on it?