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July 29, 2012

Now THAT'S an oxheart! **updated

Remember last year I was all hacked off because the oxheart tomatoes that I planted were funny looking? This year I hit one clean out of the park....

Now THAT'S an oxheart!  

Isn't it grand? Absolutely one of my favorite varieties for sure. I got a whole passel of these beauties and am going to make sauce out of these huge, meaty, old school tomatoes. I love these for lots of reasons - including that sometimes you can get city slickers to take the bet that they can eat a whole one in one sitting... they usually can't but its worth the laughs to see them try.

The other day The Gardener of Eden posted a stunning 22 ouncer - of the Paul Robeson variety... the one shown above was just at 19 ounces. There might be bigger ones out there but for now I'm thrilled with my real oxheart maters.

What about you? Do you have a big 'mater? How big is your heaviest one?

We are on your second not-so-hot day in a row.. I dunno about you but I am going to enjoy the heck out of this day. Happy Sunday everyone!

Chai Chai's comment deserved special mention...... thanks baby!

As ancient tradition demanded Zander pulled his enemies cold dead Ox Heart from its shattered remains, he would eat the whole heart raw (a feat not many could accomplish).

His sister, the Princess, chortled in the background as she surveyed the remains of the battle ground that once was the tomato patch. "OFG is going to destroy you!"