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July 19, 2012

It's Hot. Real Hot. And Dry.

The Relentless Summer of 2012 continues. Mostly its just hot hot hot and more hot with additional heat on the side. And no rain. The lucky people got rain yesterday but we got nary a drop. Sure we saw the dark clouds and heard the thunder and... nothing.

The sunflowers are happy - winkin' and blinkin' in the hot summer of 2012.

At this point we are just scrambling to do what we can to keep everyone calm, cool, and fed. Its kind of a tough go. There is nothing in the goat yard for them to eat so I've been letting them graze on the hill. However this requires me to sit there with them. You can imagine how I feel about this. More on this later.

The hennies and ducks all just hang around where I run the sprinkler. The water attracts bugs and worms and stuff so the poultry are happy. The pigz are fine but have either trampled or eaten off every single leaf in their pen. We'll be working on a project to move them deeper into the woods like we did last year.

Potatoes destined for salad (thanks for all the great recipes!) and jalapenos to become goat cheese filled poppers.  Batter dipped and deep fried in lard, these are a taste sensation!

The garden is hanging in there but only because of constant watering. The problem is that once the soil gets this dry it can take hundred of gallons to rehydrate - so I'll be closing down some of the sections until we get some relief. But we continue to take up what's ripe and ready.

That's the update here, hope everyone is getting more rain than we are... but just to make sure, everyone get out there and do a rain dance - we can use a little relief!

Happy Thursday!