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June 29, 2012

How Hot Was It?

This is what happens when it gets to be 100* (actual not heat index).....

It was so hot yesterday that the goose exploded......

Actually Cindy is just molting.

Then the dog exploded.....

Really Dog #1 and #2 are blowing their coats. I combed them out in the garden to ward off varmints.

And this chicken's feathers went flying off....

I have no excuse for this gal. She just looks bad.

But at least the ducks found some fun in the sprinkler.

The ducks were happily sitting in the spray until I walked up on them.

All joking aside, hot weather is tough on the barnyard. When it gets to be about 100* the poultry start dying. Its a tough go for sure.

To handle the heat around here we keep everyone hydrated, run a sprinkler in the hen yard, and hose off the hen house a couple times during the day to cool it off. We have tons of buckets of water, let everyone out early, and keep the doors of the poultry house open as long as possible at night. Of course dusk and dawn are prime predator times so keep a watchful eye out for varmints.

You can read more here about how to handle the heat. The best old timer's advice is always, "Give them the right tools, then let them handle it."

Stay cool, friends, looks like this weather pattern is here to stay for a while!

Happy Friday!