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June 22, 2012

Garden Police Are Coming For You

Because an unemployed lady trying to grow her own groceries in her front yard is a crime.....

Do not think for a minute that this is a one time thing. Remember that Detroit incident last summer? The woman who put in a garden and was arrested?

Even if you aren't a conspiracy theorist you just can't believe that all of this is just about code violations. Private production of your own food is in the cross hairs. Stay vigilant, people. Don't fall for the lie that only "professionals" can, or should, grow food. We could end some, if not all, of the hunger problems in this country if everyone had a little garden and a few chickens in their yard. It used to be the patriotic thing to do. Now its a crime? Its something to think about.

In the meantime, you might want to all start working on fencing projects lest your neighbors decide that your garden is ugly and want to cut it down. You'll remember that I have experience with this.

I hope this woman sues the pants of the city, then drives her big luxury car she'll get with her big winnings directly over the neighbor who reported her, and gives them the finger.

Happy Friday everyone.