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June 15, 2012

Friday snaps and update

Blogger seems to be acting up lately and I'm having trouble with the comments.... so my apologies if its not working for you either! Hopefully it will be fixed soon. In the meantime....a  few happy snaps and an update.

Young sunflowers reach for the sky.

We never got our good soaking rain last week. It rained for a bit that what was it. Actually some of us are starting to get nervous. The weather guy said that we've had less than an inch of rain in the last 35 days.... far from last year when we had about 200 days with rain! The forecast doesn't even mention rain for the next week to 10 days. Nothing but blue skies and low humidity. OK I admit it.... I was the one who wished for this but um... we need a little rain please.

Squash blossom

I don't think this rainless pattern is going to break so we are doing a lot of sprinkler moving. Good thing I have the water trolley also. I continue to use the water out of the stock trough - this works great. Lightly fertilized by the geese and I'm not wasting the water.

Surprise cranberry beans

I found some cranberry beans from last year! I'm such a goof - I found them in a bucket and wow was I surprised. So I'm planting them up. There are two rows in the Square Garden and three rows in the upper garden near the pear tree. I was able to easily take off the rest of the wheat for the hennies and till under the stubble. I scored some leaf mulch at a great price so I worked that into the soil as well. Hopefully these beans will pop up soon.
The buckwheat has set seed.. I'll take it up next week. The seeds will be planted when we get some rain.

The gardens continue to grow, the chicken continue to chicken around, goats are goating....and not one egg has hatched for us. Not a one. We had some turkey eggs in the incubator and they did not hatch or even develop. The hens haven't had one chick hatch despite their best efforts, I'm about to give up on the ducks, and sadly its not looking good for our momma goose, Cindy. If she doesn't get up by next week I'll have to take her off her nest. Some folks think its because of this crazy weather. Normally we'd be sweltering in the humidity but right now its dry.. we've been running about 25% humidity which is just nuts for us. Whatever the reason its very odd indeed.

That's the update here. Dry and sunny...and a lot of sprinkling.

Happy Friday everyone!