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June 7, 2012


I wasn't kidding when I said that our Kai can really dig. We call her Digger for a good reason. 

That's my Kai. Digging to China.

She worked on this yesterday - a huge hole under a stump. When she gets to the roots she chews thru them. Amazing.
A whole family of wombats could live in there!

Kai isn't usually being naughty when she digs - and its not because she's bored. She's usually after something. And she usually gets it. I think this hole is for a wombat or something. Zoikes!

And yes, that's poison ivy. Sheesh!

Unfortunately this hole got completely out of hand.  She could actually get her shoulders down in there also. But that was getting ridiculous so we filled it full of bricks until we can do something else.

Good diggin', Digger!

Happy Thursday everyone!