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May 27, 2012

Sunday Snaps

Scenes from this morning....

The blueberries are stunning already....

And I'm so excited about the broccoli!

I planted this buckwheat as a cover crop to till into the soil to help enrich it...... but the beez are buzzing all over the blooms - so it stays.

Beans are popping up!

Guineas roam on clover

And The Bubby loves the tub. The BubTub. He can't get enough of the water. He's gonna be our waterdog for sure. And no, that's not a small stock tub. Its a big Bub. Hey L! Are you gonna call him TubHead now? HA!

That's whats happening here. I'm expecting a slow down in egg and milk production from this heat. Things will get back to normal later in the week when it cools down. Nothing to do but keep your barnyard hydrated folks!

Happy Sunday!