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May 31, 2012

Our New Pal, Hal

I'm not afraid of snakes. That isn't to say that I love them or want them touching me... I'm just sayin' they don't freak me out. My favorite thing to do when I find a snake in the garden is to call the dogs over to see the "stick" and then wow!.... Its all four paws off the ground when the "stick" moves. Ha!

So I was more concerned then scared when The Big Man ambled over yesterday morning, while I was milking Nibbles, and informed me that we had a situation. He said there was a black mamba snake stuck in some netting on on the fenceline. So of course I went running over to see. I could have lived three lifetimes and never seen it. But there it was.  I probably walked past it a dozen times.

So maybe it wasn't a black mamba... but it wasn't a normal garden snake either. So TBM set off running to look up just what kind of snake we were dealing with on the Wiki. He came back 84% certain that it was either a copperhead....or just a regular old milk snake which is exactly what we needed seeing as how they kill rats.

Accepting the odds I reached down to pick up the snake but was harshly told that safety equipment was necessary first. So we used beekeepers gloves. It was either that or oven mitts.

We've had other snakes get caught in the netting before. Friend, you do not know the full meaning of the word "gruesome" until you've seen what several dozen carnivorous ducklings will do to a snake caught in the fence. It will give you nightmares and set you to drinkin' for sure.

Unfortunately our snake was really tangled up. Fortunately we were able to hold the business end of that snake tight while we clipped him out of the netting. Just a couple snips and voila! Bob's your uncle and the sneaky snake was freed. So we put him in the turkey house where the worst of the rat offenders hang out.

Near as we can tell either we set a copperhead loose on our most valuable poultry... or we'll be free and clear of rats in no time flat. Thanks to our new pal, Hal.

That's the long and short of it here. Anybody else have a Wild Kingdom moment this week?  And does anyone know what kind of snake this really is?

Happy Thursday everyone!