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May 7, 2012

Kill the Bull

A while ago I watched a fiery sermon by Bishop TD Jakes called "Kill the Bull." Part of the sermon was about idolatry. He told about how the people of Israel made a bull shaped idol while Moses went up to the mountain to get The Ten. When Moses came back and found the people worshiping that idol he kinda blew apart. Bishop Jakes warned of our own idolatry and taught that we should "kill the bulls" in our own lives lest we be held back in bondage by them.

I'm not mowing it. No way.

You might think that idolatry is some kind of old fashioned idea and not relevant in today's world. Well friends, I tell you the truth, idolatry is alive and well.

No where but here in the Mid-West is idolatry practiced so openly, so reverently then at the church of John Deere where they worship the false god of The Lawn. Lawn care is a powerful religion around here.  All weekend the idolators ride their Chariots of Green in prayerful patterns on their green alters. I've never seen anything like it.

Most of the yards around here look like putting greens with a house randomly dropped on it. If they have any kind of shrubbery, its badly done. Why, I could have a full time job just driving around and giving people tickets for ineffective landscaping.

Trees? Nope - no trees allowed on The Lawn. They are too hard to mow around. Put in a garden? Don't be silly that's valuable grass space. Graze some livestock or use that 8 acres for growing hay? Now that's just foolishness. According to these wayward souls, whatcha gotta do is spend all your time, money, and effort keeping that grass perfectly mowed. Don't forget the chemicals to make it pristine. 

It drives me nuts.

All I see is unproductive land and vast expanses of grass that could be use to benefit the owners. Gardens? Fruit trees? Any kind of tree? Nope. There are hungry people in our community but some folks got nothing to do but mow all their grass all day. I think its a little shameful to tell you the truth and those grass lovin' folks could use some repentin'.

Fortunately the folks around us have got me for a witness. I don't worship or acknowledge their false god of green. I condemn the whole thing entirely. My goal is to have just enough grass that it can be mowed in less than 30 minutes with a push mower. 

Some, if not all, of the neighbors around here hate it. And I don't care. I'm sticking to the straight and narrow path. Right now we've got white clover blooming on the hillside. The beez love it. And its good for my bad soil. I tell you this, I am not going to mow it down. I let it all grow.

Usually I wait until some of the patches around the yard get good and tall then I come thru with my trusty scythe and take all that free food up for the barnyard. Any place I can till I plant a little patch of this or that. Oats, wheat, alfalfa - I plant it and let it all grow. Some times I just let patches of good ol' green grass grow good and long and then I take it all up for the critters.  For heavens sakes its free food!

So no sir, you won't see me trifflin' with the sin of lawn idolatry. No sir, indeed. I have mine eye fixed on the true Full Harvest. What we got out there in my yard is a good old fashioned, hand clappin', glory shouting lawn of righteousness. I will not be bound by the idol of perfect grass nor shall my barnyard go without. So tell your neighbors to confess their lawn care ways while you seek the productive yard of glory. That's what I do.

Can I get an amen?

Happy Monday everyone! Now get out there and DON'T mow that grass! Till it all up and plant something useful instead!