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May 22, 2012

Egg custard with strawberries

This is how we do a snack around here, y'all.... And just about everything came from my yard!

Fresh eggs and goat milk make a stunning custard. Topped with fresh from the garden berries. Delish!

This egg custard is from my grandmother's recipe but its roughly Cheeseslave's recipe found here  - just don't add the chocolate. It can also be found in that great new-to-me-but old timey cookbook. I think I used about 5 eggs for this - it was a great way to use up the smaller eggs I got from my hens.

I made a bit more custard when I made another Grandma Cracker Pie yesterday. Added the fresh berries I picked and walloped it with a little fresh whipped cream.

That's how we get it done around here.

A lot is happening - don't even have even a second to talk about it. But hopefully later today I'll get a break. In the meantime its all work, all day....and I need snacks like this to keep me going.

Enjoy your cereal bars, corporate monkey and desk jockeys! I'm getting my snack on - old school style. And practically free.

Happy Tuesday everyone! What's keeping you fueled today?