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May 5, 2012

Are you ready for the SuperBadMoon?

Looks like the super moon is happening tonite - are you ready for the SuperBadMoon?  We are on high alert around here we know very well that the barnyard gets a little more ridiculous when there is a full moon. Or should we call it a "fool" moon and now that we'll have a "super moon" well, just about anything is likely to happen.

In fact we are off to a roaring start. I heard weird noises outside this morning and when I went to investigate..... Kai had found a turtle and was trying to get the crunchy shell off to get to the gooey center. *barfs* 

Someone who is not me is gonna have to send that slightly-chewed-on turtle back to the wild. *goes and bleaches hands from touching turtle*  It goes without saying I'm never kissing Kai again.

I've had a case of the loonies the last couple days so I'll be glad when this superbadmoon is over. I'm just gonna hunker down and hope that I don't get anymore creepy things brought to me by the Dog Horde. Altho I wouldn't mind if they brought me that beagle's head on a pike. Yep the stupid neighbors let it run loose again. Kai sent that dog running for the bramble field with her bad ass hunting stance and one big woof. Good dog.

So until this superbadmoon is over I'm going to try to handle it like Little Mo. Nothing much phases Little Mo - not even the phases of the moon. He just takes it all in stride.

Happy SuperBadMoon everyone!