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April 1, 2012

Why I'm happy today - Little Red!

Isn't she a beaut!?!  Meet Little Red... my new favorite thing!

Nothing is worse than having the wrong tools for the job. For the last couple seasons I've been doing hard labor with a professional construction sized wheelbarrow and it just hasn't worked out very well. With me being as short as I am, having an extra heavy wheelbarrow just makes it all the harder to trolly around a load of gravel.

So I finally got off my wallet and paid that $35 to have all my problems solved with this little gem. She handles like a dream. Sure I gotta make a few more trips because of the smaller carrying capacity. But its easier than doing one huge load.

For today's sunny Sunday I'm hauling gravel, mucking out the hen house, and sweeping out the goat yard with my new favorite tool Any body else having a grand old time?

Happy Sunday everyone!