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April 19, 2012

State of Michigan is coming for your livestock

I have a lot to say about this but I hurt my wrist and can barely type. But this is so important I have to get the word out.

If you're on "the facebook" you already saw these links and my position on them. Everyone else please take the time to click and read the links below.

The Natural News tells about the raids on small farms.

The Blaze talks about this also. These were NOT feral pigs but domesticated livestock owned by a private citizen on his property.

Food Renegade talks about how all heritage breed pigs are in danger. And how the DNR does NOT have jurisdiction on private property and privately owned livestock - but they are conducting armed raids.

This is the farmer who killed all his livestock. You can make a donation on his site and learn more about this.

The state of Michigan conducting armed raids on farmers (and forcing them to kill their livestock or face steep fines or jail time) is nothing short of outrageous. Remember these were not pigs running loose - -they were secured on this guy's property.

THIS IS NOT ABOUT PIGS. This is about personal property and the overreach of government at the behest of Big Food. In this case its the pork industry trying to run small farmers out of business. Or worse, trying to make it illegal for you as a private citizen to grow and raise your own food.

You should be shaking with rage.

Several of these links have contact info for these government agencies so you can express your outrage. 

Even if you don't have one hoot for who has pigs and who doesn't.... think for a moment about how Detroit - in Michigan for you international folks - has some of the worst unemployment in the country...and who's streets look like a war zone.  But the state has time and money to enact and enforce this kind of legislation.

Fire up your email, twitter, or facebook and tell everyone you know. This is serious, people.