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April 23, 2012

Relishing Radishes

Have I told you lately how much I love radishes? So, so, so much....these little spring jewels are a gardener's delight. They are easy to grow and first to be ready to harvest. Right now the French Breakfast variety are my favorite.
Beautiful French Breakfast Radishes are oblong and very mild.

But what about all those radish tops? What to do with them? Eat 'em! No, really they are delish. You can use radish greens in place of spinach in just about anything. I've been experimenting all weekend. They are really my new favorite thing. You can also use the baby radish greens from when you thin a row of radishes instead of just tossing them in the compost.

A lovely bunch of greens and mature radishes headed for the kitchen

The trick to cooking greens is to fill your biggest pot with cold water and let the greens soak. Give the greens a couple swishes in the cold water and soon all the dirt and grit will fall to the bottom of the pan. Then just trim them up - cut off the stalk and pull off any bad leaves - and you are ready for business.

I especially loved the tops that I cut off from mature radishes and the baby greens (with their tiny radish-etts still attached) sauteed in bacon grease. Then I chopped up the leftover greens and used them on a pizza. It worked out great. And the greens are not bitter or too spicy - just nice and mild.

What doesn't go with bacon? Use a grill pan to cook greens and bacon for a heavenly treat.

Check out my riff on this recipe....grilled onions and radish greens with bacon, baby. It was to die for. Whoot!  But I didn't need any special sauce with our home made bacon - I just drizzled a little balsamic on it.  I understand that this is served as an appetizer but who am I foolin'? I made a whole plate of it for dinner.

Of course the radishes themselves can be sauteed or roasted. But I love them fresh from the garden, sliced thinly, and on top of fresh bread with butter and salt.  I don't know if the French actually eat them for breakfast, but I do.

Any body else lovin' radishes right now?

Happy Monday everyone!