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April 14, 2012

Looks to be a bad weather weekend

Has everyone seen the Storm Prediction Centers bad outlook for this weekend?  Pretty much if you are anywhere between Houston and Minneapolis you need to keep a weather eye on the sky. They are predicting strong storms and had issued warnings yesterday (careful, that link launches a video) about the next couple days.

The other night we caught the last half of a great Nova program about last year's tornado season. Wow the video is stunning and I'm glad I found it online. There were a few good lessons that we learned:

1. This is gonna be a bad tornado year also
2. Folks who don't normally have tornadoes may get them this season
3. And yeah, its worse now.

One of the reasons is because of our extra warm winter. So if you are not normally in a tornado zone then take a few minutes to learn what folks in "tornado alley" already know:

1. Know what the weather guy is talking about.
2. Get together a plan for where to go and what to do NOW.
3. Respect the weather.

We learned last year that the "old rules" - that you are probably safer if you live in a city or in hilly country - don't apply.  The program also talked about the importance of heeding weather warnings and watches.  I don't know why people ignore them, but for heaven's sakes don't do that. If there are warning and watches in your area then take action.

The Weather Channel has some great info on how to be prepared. Even if you don't think you are at risk, please take a few minutes and read thru this information. The big take aways are to listen to the warnings, keep an eye on the sky, and make sure you have a plan to get to shelter underground.

We'll keep the local weather radar on for most of the weekend - and be keeping a weather eye on the sky.  Is anyone in the high risk zone this weekend? What are you doing to keep safe?

Batten down the chickens everyone - this could be an interesting weekend!